Ailments and Situations - Seasonal Allergies

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Environmental Allergies, Hay Fever, Allergic Rhinitis



As the cold silence of winter lifts its protective veil, the land reawakens and begins to make its presence known. Flowers rise up from the soil and bloom with brilliant shapes and colours. Trees welcome their winged friends with a bounty of leaves. Forest critters go about their business and crawling and flying creatures help complete the day's adventures. And the humans start sneezing.

You know the lazy hazy days of summer are into full swing when countless humans across the country itch their eyes a watery blood red and strain their lungs through repeated sneezes and coughs. Ragweed is out in full bloom.

Yet symptoms can often start long before this time. Tree pollen begins its journey as early as march and well into May. Flowers of all kinds take over from this point until frost. And the grande finale brings ragweed to the senses from August until frost.


Hay Fever

Contrary to its label, Hay Fever usually has nothing to do with hay and everything to do with ragweed (primarily). This four foot tall, pretty yellow plant causes general distress for a large portion of the population. The periods of tree and flower pollen are also often associated with Hay Fever.