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Hawthorn Farm Hawthorn Farm

Wecome to Hawthorn Farm!

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October 27, 2009

In late October, we headed off to Hawthorn Farm, in Palmerston Ontario.

We were on a quest to harvest some Echinacea angustifolia, the medicinal variation of the very common "purple daisy" that frequents countless gardens and flower beds. Loved by butterflies, adored by humming birds, and quite pretty, it makes for a healthy human, too.

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2009.09.16 08:16:41
This past summer, I had an opportunity to visit my friend Greg Peterson down in Phoenix, Arizona. Among the many hats he wears, Greg is owner of The Urban Farm. This "farm" is quite different from the stereotypical cows and barns and fields of hay. It is a real-world working example of the future of just how we might grow our food, live more lightly upon the planet, and have fun doing it, too!

2009.08.16 21:11:56

I recently read an Editorial in my local Guelph Tribune which was discussing the city’s newly released strategic master plan for recreation, parks and culture in Guelph over the next 10 years. While the document discusses baseball diamonds and skateboard parks, it also alludes to national data on physical inactivity and poor eating decisions. It ain't looking pretty...

2009.06.30 08:53:25

For me, there are two things that truly announce Summer's arrival.  One is putting the hammock out and going for a test-sway.  The other is adding juicy, delectable, farm-fresh strawberries to my Heritage Flakes and soy milk.

Coincidentally, The Toronto Star recently ran a detailed article on the fabled strawberry.  I read it and almost spewed said Heritage Flakes and soy milk, along with my poor strawberries.


2009.05.27 04:39:29

So just what is "The Good Life"?

Is it waking up Sunday morning with breakfast in bed?  Is it a stroll down your favourite walking trail?  Or perhaps sitting down to one of your favourite meals.

2009.05.05 22:59:43

I'm a movie trailer nut.  And I think I found a great one that attempts to crack a very very hard shell.

Food has become such a large and industrialized business that it's hard to know where to start if one wishes to delve below the surface and find out what lies beyond the picturesque fields.

2009.04.21 08:29:23

Pesticides.  Chemicals.  Toxins.

I often wonder just how much chemical payload my typical store-bought peaches, pears, and apples really have.  I try to buy organic as much as possible, but often some "conventional" cousins make their way into my basket.


2009.04.05 09:25:09

Typically when I pick up the paper, or pass by the local town square, or make casual (and uninformed) observations at the mall, I sigh and feel a sense of despair.

Where is the good?  Where has it gone?

Does anyone still care?!


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