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L-Arginine, 2-Amino-5-Guanidinopentanoic Acid


L-arginine is essential for the normal function of the pituitary gland and assists in the release of growth hormones. This amino acid increases the size and activity of the thymus gland which manufactures T-lymphocytes (T-cells) -- crucial components for a healthy immune system. Arginine also inhibits the growth of cancer and tumours by enhancing immune system function.

L-arginine is closely related to the amino acid ornithine (see Ornithine).


Ailments / Situations Where Used

Arginine is found in seminal fluid and is important for sexual maturation. It can also help prevent sterility in men and increase sperm count. Argenine is highly concentrated in the connective tissues and the skin. It detoxifies the liver of harmful ammonia, helps increase muscle mass, and helps metabolize stored body fat.

L-arginine can help with arthritis and connective tissue disorders, liver disorders such as cirrhosis, obesity, weight problems, and wound and burn healing.



L-arginine is found in brown rice, carob, coconut, dairy products, gelatin, meat, oatmeal, oats, nuts, raisins, sesame seeds, soy, sunflower seeds, wheat germ, whole wheat, and all protein-rich foods.

L-arginine is available as part of a multi-amino acid complex and in protein powder supplements. Depending on the country in which you live, arginine may also be available as an isolated supplement in capsule or tablet form. You may require a prescription.


Optimal Absorption

Do not overcook arginine-rich foods.

Contraindications / Precautions / Warnings

Not recommended for growing children or persons with schizophrenic conditions.

Arginine-rich foods and supplemental L-arginine are contraindicated if you have herpes. Consult with your naturopath or other health practitioner for proper doses.

It is not recommended to take a single amino acid for an extended period of time without supplementing with other amino acids as well. Long-term isolated amino acid supplementation can create an imbalance in the body.


Ailment / Situation Listing






Connective Tissue Disorders


Liver Disorders

Low Sperm Count

Low Fertility


Sterility (In Men)






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