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Ailments / Situations Where Used

The root of yellow dock has a tendency to attract iron from the soil which is then turned into organic iron in the plant tissues. The herb is thus very rich in useable organic iron and is useful for building and strengthening the blood in anemic conditions.

Yellow dock is a very popular and old time blood cleanser used for liver problems, swollen lymph glands, skin problems, warts, and rheumatism. The high sulfur and iron content of the plant make it very useful for skin disorders. The root aids the liver in cases of poor digestion of fatty foods, and helps treat jaundice and some cases of hepatitis. It increases the liver's and related organs' ability to strain and purify the blood and increases the flow of bile which, in turn, has a mild laxative effect. Yellow dock is helpful in treating disorders of the spleen. This plant is said to have similar incredibly, mysterious, tonic properties as fo-ti (Polygonum multiflorum).

Besides being high in vitamins and minerals, the leaves are used externally on cuts and wounds, hemorrhoids, and swelling. The leaves are an excellent antidote to nettle stings and work every time.