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Lemon Juice Enema (Cleansing)

To prepare a lemon juice enema, squeeze the juice from 3 organic lemons and add to 2 quarts/2.2L steam-distilled lukewarm water (80ºF - 99ºF/27ºC - 37ºC -- the warmer temperature will relax your bowel while a cool temperature will strengthen it). You may wish to add 2 full droppers/40mL liquid kelp to increase mineral content.

Add the full solution to the enema bag. Lubricate the end of the enema tube as described in General Cleansing Enema, above, and follow the remaining instructions for allowing the solution to enter the colon.

Once the solution has been taken, roll over to your back and then over to your left side. As you change positions, gently massage your colon to help dislodge accumulated fecal matter. Slowly move your fingers along your right side, up toward the bottom of your rib cage, across your abdomen, then down your left side.

Hold the solution for three or four minutes (the average duration of performing the roll-over and massage) and then release. As you have taken in a large amount of liquid, you will find that after two or three sessions, the liquid will be easier to insert and hold.

You may feel quite tired and/or cool after an enema. Keep warm and sleep for one or more hours.

SPECIAL NOTES: 2 quarts/2.2L is a large amount and initially you may find it difficult to retain. As you are taking in the solution, stop the flow of the enema bag if you experience any pain. Relax and take deep breaths until the pain subsides. Resume the enema flow as you feel better. If the liquid is expelled before the enema bag is emptied, simply repeat the process over. If pain persists, however, do not continue the session and consult with your naturopath or other health practitioner to determine an ideal approach.

If you are allergic to lemons, you may use 1 to 2 ounces wheatgrass or garlic juice as a replacement or simply use plain steam-distilled water.