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Feng Shui is thought of as the art of arranging your home and office space in such a way to maximize the positive energy and diminish the negative energy. Through the specific placement of objects and spatial arrangement of furniture, you are able to generate the good energy or ch´i and dispel the negative energy. Ch´i is an invisible life force and is the most important energy force in the Taoist belief system.

Feng Shui is a Taoist art that determines the pattern of ch´i or energy, and attempts to correct the flow to maximize the potential of those living or working in the environment. The proper application of objects will make life more balanced, harmonious, and prosperous.

There are two main kinds of Feng Shui; the Traditional Chinese Compass School (TCS) and the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School (BSB). Black Sect Buddhism is often thought to be easier to use as it does not require the use of a compass or knowledge of geometry. BSB stresses relative rather than absolute placements and focuses on the individuals intuition with regards to their homes energy system as the most important aspect. BSB was developed by Thomas Lin Yun 15 years ago and was intended for the western world in mind, making it more useful for North Americans, South Americans and Europeans to utilize.


TCS and BSB Differences

Traditional Chinese Compass School

  • Uses the Eight Trigrams of the I Ching, more commonly referred to as the Bagua Symbol, and the 10 Shu Magic Square (a Compass).
  • Began 3,000 years ago.
  • Scientific Formulaic Approach.
  • Has Rules, Techniques and Precise Formulas.
  • Has the Trigram Kán (Career) of the Bagua oriented to the North.

Black Sect Tantric Buddhism School

  • Each House is Assessed from the Position of the Main Door.
  • The Trigran Kán (Career) is oriented on the main entranceway.
  • The Eight Trigrams are the Bagua.
  • Emphasizes Prayer, Chanting, Feeling, and Intuition.

The similarities of the two schools of thought are to diagnose the positive energy and negative influences of the ch´i flow.


The Bagua




The Bagua is an essential item to the BSB sect of Feng Shui. It can be purchased at a very inexpensive price in your local Chinatown store. The main purpose of the Bagua is to deflect the negative spirits from entering your home. This is accomplished by placing the Bagua on the outside of your house, usually above your front doorway, with the mirror facing the outside world. You can also place the Bagua on the back doorway, or any location you feel negative energy is needed to be deflected from. For example if you have a neighbour in your apartment building who is continuously making noise that can be heard through an adjoining wall, place a Bagua with the mirror facing that wall and soon you will hear a decrease in noise.

The Bagua is an octagon shaped symbol, manufactured from wood and coloured red, green and gold. On each side of the octagon there are specific line placements that correspond to the chinese meaning of that side. In the center is the mirror which expels negative energies from your home.

The eight corresponding aspects to the octagon shaped Bagua are as follows:

On the main entranceway from left to right;

Knowledge or Gen, Career or K´un, and Support System or Chien

Following in a clockwork order from the Self section are;

Family or Jen, Wealth or Hsun, Fame or Li, Marriage or K´un, Children and Creativity or Dwei.

In the centre of the room is the location of your total Ch´i or Energy Flow

The Bagua is always oriented on the main doorway of your house or room. The Bagua will allow you to determine what each wall and corner of your house or room correspond to which aspect of your life.

On the Bagua itself, it is not written the corner locations. Available in this text is the diagrahm needed to Feng Shui your home.


Poisoned Arrows

This idea in Feng Shui relates to pointed wall corners, and door corners, and are called poison arrows. You never want a poison arrow to be directly infront of you. For example, when you are sleeping you should have you door closed because if it is ajar then the corner of the door creates a poison arrow and this can be harmful. If you have chronic back pains maybe the cause of the aches is due to a poison arrow that is aligned with your back as you sleep, deflecting a high amount of energy your way.

Corners in rooms are also considered poison arrows. These can be cured by placing hanging plants in front of the corner to break the gathered energy or alternatively by hanging mobiles or windchimes.


The Entire House

When determining the meaning of each specific room in your house:

Place the Bagua at the front doorway. Even if another door, i.e., the garage door is used more often the house is still assessed from the viewpoint of the main entranceway.

If the doorway is in the center of your house it is located on your career wall. All other spaces in your house follow the systematic pattern outlined on the Bagua. Therefore the corner to the left of your career wall is your knowledge corner and to the right of career is your support system corner.

If the doorway is to the right of your house then you walk into your home on your support system corner. All other spaces follow the systematic order outlined by the Bagua.

If the doorway is to the left of the center of your house then your main door is located in your knowledge section. All other rooms or spaces in the house will follow the systematic order outlined by the Bagua.

Each level of your home will follow the same order as was discovered for your main floor. The wall above the career doorway is still the career wall albeit one floor higher or lower. The remainder of the Bagua will follow the same order, independent of the doorways direction. Just simply follow the Bagua around in a circle labeling the different sections to your living space.

After the house as a whole is properly categorized you can then do the same procedure to individual rooms and determine the energy possibilities of those rooms.


Individual Room Assessment

Just as you previously placed the Bagua at the main entranceway of your home you can now place it at the entranceway of your room.

Determine from the main wall of the Bagua if your door is located in your Knowledge, Career, or Support System. After this is decided you can follow the Bagua in a systematic order and label the wall or corners of your room according to this pattern.

All that is really needed to assess your rooms is to first identify where the mouth of the Bagua is, that is where the doorway lies and then follow systematically the labeling of the other walls.


Missing or Enhanced Sections

It is often difficult to know when to classify a space as missing or enhanced. It is easiest to assess a room that is a perfect square. Each specific space follows neatly with the Bagua. However, most homes are not set in a perfect square and some thought is needed to identify your spaces.

An example of an extended area: if your kitchen has na eat-in area and there is a bay window that looks out to your backyard, the bay window can be seen as na extension.

An example of a missing segment: if your bedroom door is cut on na angle, you may walk in on your career section however the knowledge and support system corner will be missing as a result of this angle.

These missing sections will influence the energy of your room and it is imperative that cures be implemented. For example if your wealth corner is limited it may be the direct cause to your constant money problems, or if your romance corner is small this may be a cause to your failed romances.

Conversely, if extra pieces are evident it can mean a greater amount of success in specific areas of your life. An extra space is usually classified when a room is a perfect square but in one area the wall juts out. This is a positive attribute to the room, or house, but most of all to yourself.

Often neglected areas are closet spaces. Closets must be looked at as part of the entire room. A doorway does not make a space missing. Instead open up the door and picture your room as if the door does not exist.


Cures to Missing Areas

Once missing areas are discovered, the only way to reverse the problems is by activating the energy in those corners through cures.

  1. Light producing objects such as mirrors, crystals, and lights. These objects help to lift and expand the ch´i.
  2. Mirrors are called the aspirin of Feng Shui. You should not use a tiled mirror and also be careful not to cut the head off of yourself. Always think about what the mirror is looking at.

    Imagine a mirror on the opposite wall, directly across from the missing area. This would help enhance the space in this section which, in turn, would resolve the problem.

    Do not place a mirror in a dark hallway as this would only enhance the darkness, and would contribute to the problem rather then solve it.

    *Use your intuition, but simply when looking into the mirror just be aware of what it sees.

  3. Sound in the form of windchimes, or music. These areas help stimulate the natural flow of ch´i, and by circulating the energy the problem can be resolved.
  4. Windchimes are extremely beneficial in dark hallways. For example if your staircase from the front door of your house leading to na upper level is crowded and dark the energy will not circulate. To remedy this, place windchimes at the top of the entranceway to help circulate the energy. Another benefit to placing chimes at the top of your stairs in this situation is that it will stop energy from being lost out the front door of your home.

  5. Moving objects like windmills, flags, and mobiles. These objects have a similar effect to the windchimes. They help distribute the energy in the house and stop energy from being lost.
  6. Life force represented by fish, pets, or plants. These are all living species and hold a positive life force within them.
  7. Weight and heavy objects in the form of statues or rocks. These items assist in holding down the energy in that area.
  8. Colours. Certain colours help enhance different aspects of your life.


    = Black or White


    = Blue, Green, or Black


    = Blue, Green, or Black


    = Red, Purple, Blue, or Green


    = Red, Green


    = Red, Pink, or White


    = White, or Yellow


    = Black, White, or Grey

    Center Ch´I

    = Yellow, Orange, or Brown


    You can choose to paint a certain wall the colour that relates to that section of the room in order to enhance it. For example if enhancing your career is your main focus then you may choose to paint that part of the room or your entire room white. Another example is if you have young children and want to increase the creativity section of your children´s play room, you may choose to paint the entire room yellow or just the section of the room that is related to the children and creativity segment.

    Objects or posters of those colours can also be placed in desired sections, if the entire colour for that room is not desired.

  10. Hydraulic power from water fountains. Fountains produce the sound of moving water which helps to move the energy of your home.
  11. Energy from fire-producing objects such as appliances, computers, and stereo systems. These systems produce sound, and keep the vital energy alive.
  12. The Chinese Flute. These are red tassled hangings that are hung from the ceiling and are very effective in cureing beam and bathroom problems. These flutes, like the Bagua, can be purchased in any Chinatown store.
  13. If a beam is lower then the ceiling, energy will stagnate and there will be a feeling of pressure on the self. To remedy this problem hang the flutes from the ceiling. This will help create a feeling of a higher ceiling and circulate the energy flow.

    If the look of the hanging flutes is not desired they can be hidden, for example behind plants.


Important Interior Factors



The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your house and is related to health and relationships. This is probably due to the fact that we spend one third of our lives in our bedroom. While we are sleeping, the energy in our body moves to a relaxed state, making it susceptible to the energy in its surroundings. If the energy of the bedroom conveys a message of nurturing and love, then the body will bask in that comforting vibration all night. If the bedroom conveys a message of chaos and clutter, then that is the energy your room is giving to your body, and in turn, that is the energy your body is conveying to your health and relationships.

The positioning of the bed:

The bed is one of the most important furniture items in the household. It is the position of the bed in your room that is very important. When you are lying in your bed you should have the largest view of your room. This places you in the most commanding position of the room, which in turn gives you a firm grip on your relationships. Check to see if your headboard is loose or shakey, if so fix it immediately as you may fall prey to rocky or unstable relationships. Ideally you want to have your bed the corner opposite the doorway, when the door is open. You do not want to have your bed directly in front of the door, this is called the coffin position and much energy is lost this way.

The overall feeling your bedroom conveys:

Your bedroom should be uncluttered, clean, and organized. The bedroom should only be used for sleeping and making love. There should be no computers or television in the bedroom as this creates a duel energy that gives the room and your ch´i mixed and confusing messages. Mirrors are a great addition to your bedroom but do not have one placed directly across your bed. Your ch´i tends to rise at night and could be startled unexpectedly by its direct reflection.

The condition of your relationship corner:

Locate your relationship corner with your Bagua. Check to see if any section of this corner is missing. If it is repair it immediately. Place something of two in that corner, one for you and one for your partner, such as a pair of candles. Place pictures of you and your lover in that corner, or pictures of the message you wish to convey in your love life.



You never want to have your back to the door. If you have no choice but to have your back to the door it can be cured with the placement of a computer. The glass is a reflection and allows you to see if any perpetrators are coming to harm you.



The kitchen is very important in the home as it represents the element of fire, which fuels the energy force that activates our wealth. This is the room that most attracts money to you. A well lit kitchen would bring the natural energy of the sun into your room which in turn would activate the distribution of ch´i and create harmonious energy patterns.



The stove is a symbol of good fortune. Always keep the stove top clean, so that energy does not get clogged up in the grease of the stovetop. A way to enhance your fortune is by placing mirrors behind your burners. This doubles your burner content, creating a double fortune. All four burners should be in working order and used regularly so the wealth energy will not stagnate. . Once again you do not want your back to the door as you are cooking. If the design of the kitchen does not allow you to alter this then hang a chime up at the doorway as a cure. This chime will help notify you if danger is on its way.



The bathroom is also a very important room in the house as it is governed by the element of water and water is most closely related to money and your emotions. It is the room which has a great amount of varied energy as a variety of individuals use this room. Check to ensure that all pipes and faucets are drip free. The bathroom is the room where your money energy is contained and can be easily lost when there are leaks present. Always keep your toilet seat covered as your wealth energy gets lost down the toilet. Another precaution is keeping your door closed, this will prevent ch´i from escaping into the bathroom and down the drain.



The entranceway and everything leading up to it, is a direct reflection of who you are. You want your entranceway to be pleasing and inviting. It is the bridge between you and the outside world. The entranceway is called the "mouth of the ch´i", as it is the means by which the energy flows into your home and into various rooms.



Stairs move the ch´i from one level to another. Ideally you want your stairs to be sturdy and straight. If your stairs are narrow and dim you can cure this with the placement of chimes or mobiles to help circulate the energy.



You want your pillars to be round and smooth. If they have pointed edges this relates to the poison arrow phenomenon and is viewed as daggers cutting you.


Exposed Beams

There may be a beauty to exposed beams but in Feng Shui it is thought of as suppressing ch´i. Often headaches are relating to these exposed beams as there is a constant pressure being placed on the head. The remedy for these are those chinese flutes.



Ceilings should be high and well lit. If there are enclosed beams that are lower use the chinese flutes.



Doors represent the adult mouth, and the "mouth of ch´i". As with your entranceway it is through the doorways that energy flows throughout your home. Ideally you want to have single doors that open without obstruction. Too many doors in the house, like too many people, can create conflicting opinions. The energy can get confused and becomes unsure of where to flow to, which in turn can create problems.



The windows are thought to represent the "mouth of children". You want your windows to be clean, and to have no broken panes. As well you want all your windows to open, sealed windows means sealed energy.



Skylights are quite predominant in modern homes however in Feng Shui it is seen as cutting the top off of your home. Energy can escape and maybe good energy is lost or bad energy brought in. Conversely you can also view skylights as the opening of your home to help eliminate bad energy, and bring new energy in. On this matter go with your instincts.



As noted above there are specific colours to enhance different aspects of your life.



You want your home to be bright and cheery. A dark and dull home means stagnating energy.


Empty Space

Often people put furniture on a corner without realizing that the energy behind those fixtures stagnates. Try to avoid producing corners, we want to optimize the movement of ch´i.



Ideally the placement of the fireplace in the center of your home would maximize your ch´i. Fire is a dynamic and strong force and thus the best place to have this located is with the center ch´i.



It is what is important to you. This is your home but just have an awareness of the surrounding energies.

This is a basic guide to help you begin implementing Feng Shui principles in your home. Given are a list of references that should be further investigated to increase your knowledge and awareness of Feng Shui. Use your intuition. many times when I have gone to a home and thought about these spatial principles the homeowners have naturally placed things in the correct location, ie. the desk in the knowledge corner. We have a natural tendency to want to expose ourselves to good energy and enhance our ch´i. Be conscience of your homes energy and the feeling that your living space conveys. Is you home warm? Inviting? Do people tell you your home has a wonderful feel to it? These are all things you should enhance and along with this will come good fortune and good health and good relationships.



Spiritual Cleansing of Your Home or Office Space

All objects in our world are in slight constant motion, through vibrational movements. The energy that makes up our world is continuously trapped or rearranging itself in our living space. These structural frames hold the history of our home, and is also contained in our furniture, corners, ceilings and walls. Through periodic cleansing of your home you will be able to release the negative energy that accumulates resulting in habituation only with positive vibrations.

When is a house usually cleansed?

  • After a death or an illness.
  • When moving to a new house or office space.
  • When an individual died early by accident or suicide.
  • After a robbery or a fire.

When not to perform the cleansing ceremony.

  • If feeling nervous or frightened.
  • After dusk.
  • If you have an open wound.
  • Feeling ill.
  • Pregnant.

Items needed to perform the cleansing ritual.

  • Three white candles
  • Incense-get all natural and an incense holder
  • A Bell
  • Smudge stick
  • Matches
  • Holy Water- can be obtained from a church or you can make ordinary water holy as follows:
1. light a candle and incense
2. say the Blessing Mantra (see below)
3. and finally ring a bell over the water
  • Flowers:
  • one red for happiness and love
  • one yellow for laughter and joy
  • one white for healing and cleansing

The following Mantra is called the Blessing Mantra and is to be said at several intervals throughout ritual:


(For our prayers, wishes and intentions to be heard and granted quickly)

An alternative mantra is called a Heart Mantra and should be said in multiples of nine:

OM MA NI PAD ME HUM (I see the god within you)

There are three secrets to reinforcing the cleansing rituals and they are as follows:

  1. Mudras-Hand gestures to open yourself up to the positive energy and accept it into your being
  2. Mantras-The Blessing and Heart Mantras
  3. Mind-Use Visualizations and Conscience Intentions.

You can ask for whatever you want as long as it is sincere and you visualize the end result.



Setting the Stage:

  • The House Must be Cleaned
  • Those Not Participating Must Leave
  • Shut Off All Electrical Appliances
  • Open As Many Windows As Possible
  • Remove All Jewlery, Hair Ties, Shoes or Any Other Object On the Body.
  • Wear as Little Clothes as Possible. Nudity is Optional

NOTE: If you feel fearful, it is not the right time to complete this ritual and it is best to wait.


Step One

Light the white candle and the incense stick in the centre of the house. It is important to give to your ancestors and guides before you receive. Ask your ancestors and guides for assistance and protection for you and those in the house.

Ask for permission to cleanse the house. It is important to wait for a reply. The way you will know if it is okay to continue is with the sense your heart receives; you will be consumed with a "smile in your heart". Your path is clear and you may continue with the cleanse.

Step Two

A total of thee white candles and three incense sticks are needed to perform the ritual. You have placed one of each in the centre of your house, now place two more either on two separate floors of your home or if your home is only one level then place them on opposite sides by a window.

Step Three

Put the flowers with the candle in the centre of the house

Step Four

Light the smudge stick and think about your cleansing intention, ie. "I am cleaning the house and filling it with love and laughter".

Begin with the lit smudge stick at the front of your house and as you walk through your house, circulate the smoke of the stick in a figure eight pattern around the walls and from ceiling to floor throughout your entire house.

Step Five

Wash your hands, face and arms in cold water

Step Six

Go back to the centre candle and ask your ancestors and guides for help in cleansing your house and for their protected guidance.

Step Seven

Say the Blessing Mantra. Walk to the front door of your home and clap three times.

Step Eight

Wash hands, face and arms in cold water.

Step Nine

Go back around your home ringing the bell in a figure eight pattern along the walls. As you are ringing the bell also recite the Blessing Mantra. This step clears and sends away the bad spirits.

Step Ten

Wash hands, face and arms in cold water.

Step Eleven

Return to the centre candle and once again ask your ancestors and guide for guidance and help in performing this spiritual cleanse.

Step Twelve

Sprinkle the Holy Water by the centre candle.

Step Thirteen

Cleanse yourself with the smudge stick. It is now time to protect your home with the placement of the Baghas.

Step Fourteen

Visualize your home surrounded by a white encasement. This symbolizes a protective shield around your home.

Step Fifteen

Bathe yourself, for ten minutes in a bath of hot water and a cup of sea salt. This will eliminate the bad energy that is contained on your skin.

Step Sixteen

Take a cold shower.

Step Seventeen

Wash your clothes worn when conducting the ceremony.


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